Who We Are

Two Passions Come Together

Spending the last several years in public education, I was saddened to see many of my students coming in each day with drinks and foods that did not serve their bodies. 

As someone who was also trying to improve my own personal health and struggling with gut issues that prevented me from doing the things I loved, I discovered kombucha and what a strong impact fermented foods have on the human body and had to share with everyone I knew! 

I started to create larger batches of kombucha to share and continued to grow in my knowledge of what living, fermented foods could do for my microbiome and in turn also healed my gut and have not had a “flare” for many years.

It was then that I realized I wanted to take a pivot in my teaching career. I saw an opportunity to merge my love of teaching with that of fermented foods and create a welcoming space that educates about beverages that not only taste great but also make you feel your best when you drink them. 

Living Full” is a verb to us that we are trying to share with our community. Living your fullest life looks different for everyone and we believe kombucha and other living foods are a catalyst to discovering what brings you personal joy, fulfillment, and peace and can bring about some incredible opportunities in your life! 

Here at Living Full Kombucha, we celebrate your unique journey and are unlike other places you’ve visited. We want to get to know you, find something that aligns with your body, and understand your “why” as you pursue your “Fullest Life!!”

Thank you for joining in along on our journey and cheers to “Living Full!!”

We can’t wait to meet you!

Lydia Davis

Owner, Living Full Kombucha

Our Goals

Just like our ingredients, we are organically grown. To build an inclusive taproom, we realize and welcome that growth takes time, nurturing, patience, and a lot of hard work to bring you the best products and experience we possibly can. 

Year we Hired Employees and Opened the Doors to our Taproom! (Dream come true!)
Kombucha available at stores near you!

How can you support us? 

By drinking our delicious beverages, of course! Also, saying hello at farmers markets and spreading the word with everyone you know here and online.

Want to partner with us? Please reach out to livingfullkombucha@gmail.com