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Welcome to Living Full Kombucha where we believe what you drink should be full of real food ingredients and bring out the best version of yourself.  Our kombucha and shrub drinking vinegars go through the transforming process of fermentation resulting in a refreshing, probiotic rich living drink that encourages balance in your body and tastes great! We are Lake County’s first kombucha taproom and mocktail bar whose mission is to bring a community together that values “LIVING FULL.” 

Whether you are someone who doesn’t quite know what kombucha is, a kombucha connoisseur, sober curious, underage, or someone who thinks kombucha is just a “vinegary experience” – We want to see you and welcome you to give us a try! 

Visit us at the taproom and enjoy a craft kombucha from 1 of our 8 rotating taps, enjoy a thoughtfully crafted adaptogenic mocktail, or visit us at one of our several regular farmers market events!

Cheers to Living Full!


Come Visit Us!
811 Sheridan Rd STE B
Winthrop Harbor, IL 60096

Kombucha Taproom and Mocktail Bar

Thursday 3:30-9


Saturdays 11-7:30

Tuesday 9-4 (Fill n’ Go Pick Up Hours-no bar service)

Come enjoy: 

  • Draft kombucha from one of our 8 rotating taps
  • Growler and Howler fills
  • Shrub Prebiotic sodas
  • Craft plant based mocktails
  • Community workshops

Our Kombucha

NO Added Sugars . Never Pasteurized . Living


Butterfly Pea Flower. Ginger

This beautiful hued brew compliments of the butterfly pea flower is combined with earthy ginger for a balanced zing


Lemon . Lavender

Citrus lemon with a kiss of french lavender make you feel luxurious wherever you are


Elderberry . Hibiscus
Rosehip . Sage

A blushing herbaceous merriment of elderberry, hibiscus, rosehip and sage packed full of Vitamin C


grapefruit . Rosemary

Eat drink and be rosemary with our grapefruit rosemary brew. Citrus forward with an herbal finish will certainly entice and tickle your taste buds

Our Shrubs

Yes, we make TWO products here at Living Full!

A shrub is an infused apple cider vinegar made by combining fruit, raw apple cider vinegar, a little sugar, and herbs. With its blend of sweet, savory, and tart notes, shrubs make a great addition both in cocktails, mocktails, and sparkling water, which we coin as our “soda!”

Our shrubs contain raw apple cider vinegar (with the mother) and provide a great alternative to sugar laden drinks. A little goes a long way! With just 0.5-1 oz per serving, our shrubs can transform a drink into something your body and taste buds will thank you for. Offered in an 8 oz. size. Check out our Shrub Recipes page for more ideas on how to use them in your favorite dish or drink!

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